Invoice Billing & Delivery Instruction

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Supplier Code of Conduct

We and our subsidiaries worldwide are committed to conducting business activities with integrity, quality, respect and responsibility. These are the key principles we consider when choosing suppliers, vendors, contractors and consultants (collectively, “suppliers”) to provide goods or services to, including but not limited to the production of raw materials, contract manufacturing, clinical research, marketing and distribution, and other general and administrative services.

We expect suppliers to abide by all laws, regulations, and standards related not only to healthcare but also to those that address financial, labor, health, safety, transparency, and environmental practices, and to align with the requirements in our Supplier Code of Conduct. The Code covers a wide range of factors – from cost and reliability to environmental and social considerations. This includes a large emphasis on business ethics, including adherence to anti-corruption rules and a commitment to operate with honesty and integrity.

We acknowledge that no code can address every situation that suppliers may encounter. As a result, this Supplier Code of Conduct is not a substitute for our suppliers’ own accountability and the responsibility to exercise good judgment and proper business conduct.

BeiGene conducts routine site quality audits of manufacturing-related suppliers. If we are aware of any actions or conditions not in compliance with our standards, we will seek to work with our suppliers to take corrective or remedial actions. We have also strengthened our focus on supplier due diligence through our Vendor Due Diligence procedure, ensuring that new vendors are set up for success.

Responsible Procurement

BeiGene understands the importance of working with suppliers who share our commitment to high-quality products and responsible operations. In the past year, our procurement team has evolved from several regional teams into a global function, allowing all regions to work together in a coordinated fashion to ensure the safety and quality of the products we buy.

2022 Goals: Introduce procurement Academy training to include responsible sourcing. Implement a third-party risk management program.

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