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Our Commitment to Patients

Cancer has no borders. Neither do we.

At BeiGene, our core value is “patients first.” Every day we strive to create high-quality, innovative medicines faster and more affordably for patients. It’s not enough for innovative drugs to simply exist. We want to make sure patients can access them. We work with cancer communities in the U.S., Europe, Asia, and around the globe to learn from and provide needed support to patients, caregivers and families to raise awareness and improve lives.

Our passion is partnership. Our commitment to patients is resolute.

  • We communicate honestly, transparently and accurately.
  • We listen with empathy to learn from patients/caregivers and connect where they are.
  • We respect the healthcare provider/patient relationship.
  • We empower patients through education and resources to manage their disease.
  • We respect diversity and promote inclusion among all people impacted by cancer.
  • We support initiatives and programs that help patients live fuller, more engaged lives.
  • We provide opportunities for our employees to engage in cancer communities.

Our Global Patient Safety team strives to ensure the safer use of medicines throughout the product lifecycle, from inception to commercialization. This team of scientists and physicians is dedicated to characterizing the safety of our products to minimize known risks for the well-being of patients globally. Learn more here.

Gaining Insights from Patients

We think about the potential impact on patients every step of the way in our medicines development process, from early-stage development through making medicines available to patients. For information on how to contribute insights and perspectives that could enhance our understanding of patient needs, please contact

Patient Stories

We are motivated every day by the people whose health challenges we aim to address. But don’t take our word for it – see some of their inspiring stories here.  

About Clinical Trials

An Innovative Approach That Leverages Biology and Scale

People who participate in clinical trials make a vital contribution to developing new medicines.

Conventional human clinical trials comprise most of the time and cost of developing new medicines. We are seizing what we believe is a unique opportunity to reduce both. We aim to adapt to findings from our global clinical trials faster and more affordably than previously has been possible. We believe we can do this in part by including in our global trials some clinical centers based in China, where there is an enormous patient pool with a high rate of interest in trial participation.

To learn more about our ongoing clinical trials, including your potential eligibility to participate, consult with your doctor or visit our Clinical Trials page. Your doctor can review with you qualifying factors for participation, details of the investigational drug, and the clinical trial process.

Expanded Access Program

In some cases, patients with a serious or life-threatening disease or medical condition may not be able to access one of our investigational medicines through a clinical trial and may not have other treatment options available. In very specific circumstances, these patients may be able to receive investigational medicines outside a controlled clinical trial through our Expanded Access Program. Learn more here.


Community Partnerships

Partnering with Patient Advocacy Groups

Partnership is an essential element in creating medicines of value to the patient communities we serve. Patient organizations are important partners that help us understand and factor into our work patient and caregiver perspectives. We aspire to be a preferred partner to patient advocacy organizations. We focus on being good listeners and understanding each patient group’s priorities.

In all of our interactions with patient advocacy groups, we are committed to the highest standards of integrity and adhere to industry codes and relevant laws relating to patient engagement and advocacy. Our commitment includes honoring the independence of patient advocacy groups in their political judgement, strategies, policies and activities; never requesting a patient advocacy group to promote a prescription-only medicine; and ensuring that the objectives and scope of our partnerships are transparent and that financial or non-financial support is clearly acknowledged. 

We welcome ongoing partnership around innovative programs designed to help support cancer patients. To explore opportunities to partner with us, patient advocacy organizations are encouraged to contact

Our Medicines

We are working to deliver high-quality, innovative, impactful medicines faster and more accessibly and affordably around the world. Learn more about our medicines here.

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Reporting Adverse Events

Important: Patients should consult a medical professional when experiencing a suspected adverse event.  Please talk to your physician and contact us at  

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